Holiday cards are so yesterday . . .

If you’re anything like me, you probably want to be the person who sends holiday cards and is organized enough to start thinking about it in October but somehow time gets away and it never happens. 

Take some pressure off yourself — if you want to send a yearly card, think about New Years cards (which, I think can go out any time in early 2010) or Valentines Day cards (which are *so* fun to get in the mail). 

My more organized (and stylish friends) have been sending cards using the Tiny Prints website — check it out, they have really cute cards for all occasions (& some really adorable “save the date” wedding cards too). 

(Photo in the attached pic is by Elle, of course & as always, Elle isn’t sponsored by anyone, just passing on things we like.)

There’s still time to book with Elle & to get New Years or Valentines Day cards in the mail.


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