Newborns, cont’d.

As 2016 drew to a close, the rain would not stop, but that didn’t prevent me from doing a few newborn shoots.  For those, all I need is a window with some great light & then magic happens.  This shoot is of my dear friends The Podolls (if you haven’t checked out their eponymous clothing line, do – their clothes are slow-fashion perfection & they are the nicest people you could meet.  Here’s a few of my favorites from their newborn session with their little gal.


Starting the New Year Right

I’m not one for lofty new year’s resolutions, but I am going to try harder this year to blog more of my photo shoots.  To kick things off, here’s the first one of 2016 & already it’s one of my favorites.  I photographed Stephanie & Clay’s wedding, and since then I’ve been lucky enough to keep taking photos of their growing family.  It’s wonderful to see how happy they are and to meet their sweet girls.

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Stage 2 – As You Grow

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYOne of my most popular family packages is the “As You Grow” series – parents like it because they get regular photo shoots at 6 month intervals of their little ones.  I love them because I get to watch kids grow up and families get stronger, which is amazing to witness.  Here’s a few of my favorites from a “Stage 2” shoot.  You might remember this gorgeous family from their Stage 1 Holiday shoot.

Family Photo Shoot – Shakespeare’s Garden



Here’s some of my favorite photos from a recent family shoot.  This particular family is quite special to me as they were the very first I took professional photos of way back when I was getting this little business started.  Their boy wasn’t born yet, and the youngest girl was just a wee newborn.  We did this multi-generational shoot with their grandparents, too – I love the energy they all have, they are so warm and loving and just have the best time together.

Boys to Men

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYI just love these teenage guys – they’re two brothers who are just about the nicest people you could meet (& they’re pretty cool and good-looking too).  They’re almost done with high school, and let their Mom have their photos taken for Mother’s Day (sweet, right?).