Serendipity & 11 Stories

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I mentioned last week that I’d be speaking at the Makeshift Society, and as usual I met some amazing people there.  Last night I met Elisabeth Woody who has a cool business called 11 Stories that I think is really unique & awesome.  In short, she takes the idea of a wedding album to the next level by interviewing couples about their love story, which she writes up (in what I would think is likely an educated and beautiful way since she is Harvard/Cal educated with a PhD) and incorporates into an album infused with photographs along with the narrative.  In addition to wedding & anniversary related stories, she also does “life stories” to preserve family history.  I highly recommend checking out her work and site if you like this idea.  Her prices are reasonable, and she was absolutely lovely to talk to — I can so imagine sitting down with her and pouring out my life story over a cup of tea.  Just passing on the things I think y’all would like . . .

PS – I just discovered that Elisabeth was recently featured on Snippet & Ink’s sweet series called “Snapshot of a Marriage” – check it out!


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