Happy Weekend!


Happy weekend, everyone!  What are you all up to?  I’ll be doing the usual taking and editing pictures & taking my sweet nieces to the Zoo.  Without further ado (it rhymes with Zoo, sorry about that), here are the weekend links:
*A collection of Hopper’s (my absolute all time favorite painter) on the Whitney’s site.
* I agree, I would love to live in any of these beautiful rooms featured on Lonny.
* Some thoughts on creative decline as photographers age.  Personally, I think age has nothing to do with it as long as you stay fresh, engaged and willing to look at new styles and sources of inspiration.  If you keep doing the exact same thing, you will get stale.  Play, experiment and seek inspiration everywhere.
* I did not know that so many celebs are vampires . . .
* Are you wedding planning?  Some thoughts on the “+1” debate.
* I spotted this weekender in Matchbook Magazine & cannot get over how nice it looks (at least online).  I have a “no more bags” rule for the forseeable future, but should I choose to break it, this is a contender.
* Do you do yoga?  Do your wrists hurt like crazy sometimes?  Mine do & I just discovered this gizmo, which is a total lifesaver for those downward dogs.
* After yammering about Before Midnight to anyone who would listen, I saw it last weekend & it.is.fantastic.  If you haven’t seen the first two, rent those before you see this one, but see them all.  And then check out this article with the backstory on the real life Celine.
* I wrote about the absolutely lovely Elisabeth of 11 Stories a few months ago & she’s offering a 20% discount on her albums in June.  As a refresher, she is a Harvard/Cal PhD who will create an album recounting either your family history or love story woven with your photos.
* I love this sentiment.
* I might have a warped sense of humor, but this mash-up of The Princess Bride with Game of Thrones had me cracking up.  Warning – it is *not* for the faint of heart or the kiddos.
* Beautiful photos imagining Hemingway’s life in Vogue.  This one is my favorite.  It reminded me of this preppy e-session we did.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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