Updating a traditional wedding album . . .

I am so excited about this project I’m working on. My darling client, Rosemary, got married 10 years ago & had a really traditional photographer at the time. For her anniversary, she wants to update her wedding album & do an anniversary shoot. While we’re waiting for the weather to clear up to do the anniversary shoot, I’ve been working on reediting her original pictures. She loves a 60s vibe & I think there’s a Mad Men kind of feeling to what some of the guests were wearing so I decided to take the re-edits in that direction by changing the color palette to get that 60s feeling & adding some grain to the shots to give them a vintage/aged look. I think editing is up there with shooting in terms of importance & I am not a purist at all. I love nothing more than a well composed & exposed shot, but I think editing takes things to the next level. Check out the project so far.
Here’s the “before” shots:

And here’s the “after, edited by eLLe” shots:


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