Weekend link time again!

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYHooray!  It’s the weekend again.  My favorite days (& I’m guessing yours too), and that means it’s time for the weekly roundup of links that caught my attention this week.  Here you go:
* If you still have an overhead projector (or can dig one up somewhere), this is a pretty cool idea for wall art (although it does remind me a teeny little bit of decorating the gym for a high school dance . . .)
* I love this photo display (and I also love real art in bathrooms).
* Some pretty good rules for living.
* This blackberry cobbler sounds pretty tasty (I always need help with the crust portion, I tend to wing it and guess what should be in a crust, so it’s nice to have an actual recipe).
* Did you hear there’s a dribble of new information about what became of Harry Potter & Co.?
* I love my middle initial!  (& my middle name too – it’s Nicole, in case you were wondering).  I shall never give it up.  (I guess this means I’m really not a millennial.)
* A great essay on vintage v. classic & being true to yourself.
*Good ideas for scouring flea markets. (PSA – the Alameda flea is in a couple of weeks, first Sunday of every month).
* I hesitate to post another link about the CIA (makes me think I’ll end up on a list somewhere), but the declassified cafeteria complaints of their employees made me laugh too hard not to.
* Ever wonder if you’re working too much? Nothing like comparing yourself to other countries.
* Do you need some new instagram accounts to follow?  Check out Humans of New York (this is compelling portraiture every day and it might be the best thing on the internet) & the AquaLillies – a fabulous synchronized swimming troupe (I’ve mentioned I was a synchronized swimmer in High School, right?  Nothing like these gals, but enough to appreciate what they do.)

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!  xo -L



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