Cherry Blossoms!



My favorite time of year isn’t the holidays or summer or other times you’d normally think of.  It’s an ephemeral time period when the cherry trees bloom in San Francisco.  This year they’re blooming early & it just makes me smile every time I see a pink tree in the middle of an otherwise barren street.  I need to bring out the big guns (aka real cameras) and capture them this year properly, but over the weekend I couldn’t help snapping a few photos on my trusty iphone (as I’ve said, the camera you have is the best one).  I quite liked the actual photos and then discovered this new app called “Glaze” which lets you turn a photograph into a painting.  I haven’t ever confessed, but if I could paint, I’m not sure I’d ever have picked up a camera as I find paintings so beautiful.  You can guess that I am smitten with this app.  This image is a painting rendering of one of my photos.  I’m going to play around with printing it on fine art paper – I think I may have a new thing  . . .


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