Happy Weekend!



Lets get right to the weekend links, shall we?
* If I was in this room where everyone broke into song from Les Miz, I might just die right there of happiness.  (I knew I should have stuck with the musical theater crowd . . .)
* Love always makes me happy & so do these pics taken as marriage becomes legal for everyone in Washington.
* Are you following Seinfeld Today on Twitter?  If not, you should be.  Hi.lar.ious. tweets that bring the gang into the modern age.
* Beautiful photos of New Orleans.
* I love the cooking blog Smitten Kitchen & the vast majority of my “hits” are really her hits, so I loved this NYTs profile on Deb Perelman, the author.
* 628 is the new San Francisco?!?!?  (I object!)
* If you find yourself with time on your hands, this is a cool tutorial on making photo gift tags.


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