weekend links are back!

After a couple of hectic weeks with no links, I return to bringing you a round-up of things that caught my attention this week.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  (It’s Bill’s birthday on Monday, so we’ll be celebrating with cake and champagne.)

*Super cute baby/mini animals (this is normally not the kind of thing I click on, but these are too cute not to share!).

*Rad iphone charger (allegedly gives your phone a 30-50% power boost without needing a plug) — I so need something like this for long days on the road.  Ordered and will report back. (From Photojojo, an eLLe fave, & originally spotted on SF Girl by the Bay).

*A new special edition of Domino Magazine is out!!  I must get my hands on this.  It’s also available in a digital format, but I’m old school & far prefer a paper mag.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that people are making lovely digital magazines but I *adore* curling up with a design mag and a cup of tea.

*Check out these seriously gorgeous wedding invitations on vintage handkerchief’s over on Classic Bride.

*This dissertation on what catches a street photographer’s eye made me laugh (& I can’t say she’s wrong!)

*Love this idea to have a toy made from a child’s drawing — so clever.

*Oh what I’d give for Jenna Lyon’s wardrobe.


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