Friday, already! Yay!


This week felt like it just flew by!  I met a nice new client and took some pics I’m happy with & now it’s Friday again.  Hope you all had a fabulous week.  Here are my internet finds this week:

*I am such a sucker for all things french & this vinaigrette sounds amazing.
*Tossing in a hotel recommendation that’s off the grid for San Francisco — friends visiting last week who used to live here stay here.  They say it’s clean, super comfortable beds and the location makes you feel like a local, which is key in my book.
*I love house guests and have never had a bad experience, but this article made me laugh anyway.
*Please tell me this isn’t really going to be a fall trend — it just takes me back to the 90s, which I think was a low point in fashion.
*I cannot imagine not looking in a mirror for a year!  (A day would be challenging . . .)
*Woody Allen is filming a movie set in SF in my neighborhood!  So cool!


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