But I digress.

Are y’all watching the Olympics?  I cannot get enough.  It is totally taking me back to being a kid and wanting nothing more than to be able to do a couple of back handsprings. Alas, that was *never* going to happen since I am almost 6 feet tall, and I have been tall since I was born.  I vividly remember Mary Lou Retton winning in this leotard (which I *begged* my Mom for when Mervyns sold a knock-off that year).  Now for total digression, I never thought I’d think of Mary Lou as a fashion icon, but I do wish the current gym girls would get some better hair-dos.  In a down moment, I’m thinking they could get on pinterest, which must have a thousand solutions for neat, pretty long hair.  And I’m just dying for one of them to cut a short pixie ala Michelle Williams for the modern era — I think a star would be born overnight.  (And as much as I *love* glitter, I am not such a fan of glitter hair gel.  Just saying . . .)  Tomorrow, back to the original photography programming.


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