Happy Friday & Weekend Links

Happy weekend, everyone!  (I never get tired of hearing those words.)  It’s Friday and time for some links to things I find amusing/interesting/worth reading on the internets.  Here we go:

*Looks like poor Kate Middleton (Cate?  Katherine? HRH?) was demoted in the Royal pecking order and has to curtesy to the “blood sisters” (how would you like that nickname?  probably makes them long for “evil queen” or something like that) — check out the rules here that will make your head hurt just a little bit.
*If you’ve followed the “have it all” debate happening around the webs, I thought this article was a great piece about it — what about those of us who don’t want it all?
* Don’t forget, Sunday is the first Sunday of the month, which means it’s Alameda Flea Market Sunday!!  YAHOO.  I think we’ll be heading there this week.  It is my absolutely most favorite way to spend a Sunday & I like nothing more than casually saying “oh, that over there, yeah, just a little something I picked up at the flea market,” ’cause it’s no big deal . . .
*I *LOVE* with a capitol L, absolutely everything about the idea of getting married at home, in your own living room — seriously, if anyone reading this decides to do just that, please please contact us as we have great rates for quirky, off-beat weddings.
*I’ve also got a serious thing for synchronized swimmers (I was one in High School, after all) & this wedding featuring said swimmers, totally made me smile.
*The witty Jody at About Last Weekend has some very sage advice for graduates (IMHO, they should ask her to speak somewhere).
*Totally agree with and encourage humanity’s need to document their lives — fun article on this point, but I would say, photograph it rather than video it, okay?
* & in case you missed it, Mike & Taures’ wedding that we shot was featured on Style Me Pretty – California this week!!  Check it out & if you comment over there, I’ll love you forever.


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