Warning! Not a photography post!

So if I wasn’t a photographer, in my dream life, I’d be a musician.  The trouble with that dream is that I have zero musical ability.  As in even Paula would say “Oh, girl, you tried so hard, but it’s just not gonna happen for you sweetie.  Go take pictures of unicorns and rainbows and butterflies instead.”  But, I love music.  All music that I consider “good” and I refuse to be confined by genre.  When I like a song, I can play it on repeat for days.  I just stumbled on this lovely number by a band called Beach House (& by stumbled, I mean directed to it by a very musically inclined friend who I think secretly does A&R because his picks are spot on and become hits in 6-7 years).  It’s mellow, lovely, the perfect song to listen to while reading or dreaming.  And it’s free if you sign up for their mailing list (not sure yet if that’s annoying, but I took a flier to get the song).  Anyway, enough jabber — here’s a link to their very simple website.  Enjoy & thank me later.


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