Here’s what I’m loving right now on Pinterest (my addiction, as you all know).  I adore photography, also as you all likely know if you humor me & read this little blog, but I do get a little jealous from time to time of the event planners and decorators who spend their time conjuring up what the scene I’ll shoot is going to look like.  So to deal with that, I spend way too many late nights on these interwebs looking at images that inspire me.  And I like to pin them.  It helps me see what I’m responding to now & it shows up in my photography.  Scenes I shoot, looks people give, how I color adjust photos after a shoot.  I feel another “Bring it On” quote coming here (brace yourselves) but I like to find inspiration everywhere.  Here’s what I’m liking right now (pale yellows and blues with a pop of pink or pinky red in there):
(Images all linked on my Pinterest – you can follow me at the right & links at the right too – and they’re from Sundays In Bed, BHipp (aka, my artist/photographer partner, Bill), Dust Jacket Attic, and  yours truly).


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