Hair tricks

So I admit that I am just a sucker for anything in the hair accessory aisle. It all started with the “string barette” when I was a kid (anyone else remember those?) & ever since, I’ve picked up just about every elastic, bobby pin, scrunci (before they were soooo out of style), bow, ribbon that you can imagine, so why should tonight be any different?! I was doing my usual drug store run & I came upon this box by ConAir called “the perfect pony” & it has an image on the box similar to this one from their ad. No picture of what the little gizmo is that gives you the perfect pony tail, but it was about $4 so I figured, what the hell, I’ll give it a try. Got home, opened the box & the “hair tool” looks a tad like something normally found hidden in nightstands, but I followed the instructions & they are not kidding — this thing really does work & makes your pony tail look amazing. I am putting this on the “recommend” list . . . Seriously. Here’s a link, but I picked mine up at Walgreens.


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