In days gone by, a man wasn’t dressed without his hat.  He’d certainly never go to the financial district for work without a hat.  My grandfather certainly felt that way.  He kept a stash of hats on a rack in his hall closet and I never saw him leave without one.  So it made me smile to see an elderly gentleman wearing a hat on his way to work the other morning.  And I love that cell phones have cameras so I could capture the moment.



2 thoughts on “Hats

  1. L,

    My grandfather was IN the hat business with several of his brothers…Portis Hats. I have a couple of cool, art deco hat boxes and some print ads of theirs, one of which used my grandfather as the model for that season’s most dashing style!


    1. Oh how awesome! I would love to see those old print ads! That is just the coolest factoid ever, J!

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