Family Photo Shoot – Shakespeare’s Garden



Here’s some of my favorite photos from a recent family shoot.  This particular family is quite special to me as they were the very first I took professional photos of way back when I was getting this little business started.  Their boy wasn’t born yet, and the youngest girl was just a wee newborn.  We did this multi-generational shoot with their grandparents, too – I love the energy they all have, they are so warm and loving and just have the best time together.

Boys to Men

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYI just love these teenage guys – they’re two brothers who are just about the nicest people you could meet (& they’re pretty cool and good-looking too).  They’re almost done with high school, and let their Mom have their photos taken for Mother’s Day (sweet, right?).

Multi-Generational Family Photo Shoot


I just absolutely adore it when people ask me to take pictures of their families, and even more so when I get to take multiple generations.  There’s something so cool about seeing everyone together in one place and how certain characteristics just show up in each generation.  I adore this family – I posted a teaser from their shoot a while back, and here’s a few more.

On a separate note, I just wanted to thank everyone who’s liked my posts, written to me and told me that you guys like reading my blog.  Your kind words really just make me feel so happy & it’s so appreciated.  So thank-you.  xoxo -L

They grow up so fast


Because I am a ridiculously proud & doting auntie, I just had to share these recent snapshots of my little twin nieces that I took on a family trip to San Diego.  We took the kiddos to a park that had tons of pretty flowers and they just went bananas.  Apparently, they aren’t usually allowed to climb on benches so the two lower right shots were big, subservise fun for those girls.  They are too darn cute if I do say so myself.

Cavallo Point – Family Shoot

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY/Laura Monfredini

Every year I usually donate a photography package to be auctioned off for a worthy cause.  This year I donated to the Bay Area United Way & this lovely family was the winning bidder.  We went to Cavallo Point (one of my favorite places to capture both the Golden Gate Bridge and totally natural backgrounds) to do the shoot & their little girl just stole the show.  These are just a few of my favorite shots — this family clearly loves being together because they were all smiles all morning long.  I love doing something for a good cause and meeting awesome people.