Our San Francisco City Hall Wedding

. . .  . .I just thought I’d share a few more photos from our wedding day and tell a little more of that story.  I absolutely love weddings, and through wedding photography, I’ve been lucky enough to get to go to all kinds of beautiful parties and events.  When it came time to get married myself, I always wanted to do something really intimate, and luckily Mark felt the same way.

We live in San Francisco and decided that City Hall was the perfect place to go.  Couples from all over the world come here to get married and it’s in our backyard.  I’ve also loved each and every City Hall wedding I’ve shot over the years.  Their process is simple – you sign up for your date online and you’re good to go.  The building itself is gorgeous and weatherproof (even on a rainy day, the interior is well lit and you can take beautiful photographs) and the civil ceremony there is actually quite romantic.  {Text below in case you’re curious – I couldn’t find it online ahead of time.}  It suited us perfectly. The ceremony was intimate and just about the two of us – we even did the Jewish tradition of breaking the glass after (we asked forgiveness not permission) in keeping with Mark’s background.  After City Hall we went to Quince for a long dinner.  I wore a pretty dress by Amy Kuschel and had my hair and makeup done.  Mark got a new suit.  In short, we made the day really special by doing the things we cared about.

We had one of Mark’s dear friends, Cheshire Issacs, who also happens to be a professional photographer takes photos for us, and our witnesses snapped a few shots too.  I’m so glad we didn’t “ban” them from doing so as I see suggested in so many places these days.  I love the professional shots, but I also love the “snapshot” feeling of the pictures they took and I’m so glad to have them too.  Anna at Loop Flowers did my bouquet and she made boutonnieres for our witnesses, and Shauna of Fox and Doll did my hair and makeup.

xx {L}

If you’re looking for it, here’s the text of the civil ceremony vows at San Francisco City Hall:

We gather in the presence of these witnesses for the purpose of uniting in marriage __ and ___.  The contract of marriage is most solemn and is not to be entered into lightly, but thoughtfully and seriously with a deep realization of its obligations and responsibilities.  Please remember that love, loyalty, and understanding are the foundations of a happy and enduring home.  No other human ties are more tender and no other vows more important than those you are about to pledge.  Please face each other and join hands.

Do you ___ take ___ to be your lawful wedded wife/husband (spouse/spouse)? Do you promise to love her/him and keep her/him in sickness and in heath, for richer and for poorer, for better or for worse and be faithful to her/him as long as you both shall live? [REPEAT]

Place the ring on her/his left finger and repeat after me, “I give you this ring, in token and pledge of my constant faith and abiding love.  With this ring, I thee wed.” [REPEAT]

Now that you have joined yourselves in matrimony, may you strive all your lives to meet this commitment with the same love and devotion that you now possess.

By virtue of the authority vested in me by the State of California, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife [or Spouses for Life].


Weekend again, yay.

It’s well known in my household that I love to run in Golden Gate Park and Stowe Lake is my favorite spot — I snapped this on my iphone when the light was so pretty.  We’re getting close to October, which I think is the most gorgeous light of the whole year.  We’ve got a ton of shoots lined up and I cannot wait.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone — here’s this week’s links:
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*Yep, it is cray-cray, but I still watch it. (I have a very hard time giving up shows once I get hooked, even after shark jumping.)
*I really kind of want this cardigan for fall, there’s something so 70s perfect about it.
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*I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I love the pop-up dinner party idea & really want to be invited to one, so friends, get on it!
*Diana through the years – I just love the 1997 Vanity Fair cover.

Candid Moments at San Francisco City Hall

We have been so thrilled to see Amber & Aaron’s wedding featured on Grey Likes & Classic Bride, and I thought I’d just add to the fun by sharing a few more of our favorite images.  These are some of the more “candid” moments that I just love.  The cupcake truck that wished them well, the bride grabbing an Odwalla juice after the ceremony, the “behind the scenes” paperwork moment with another couple finishing up next to Amber & Aaron.  They just make me smile & hope you enjoy them too.

Amber & Aaron’s San Francisco City Hall Wedding is on Classic Bride today!

I am over the moon with the coverage of Amber & Aaron’s classic San Francisco City Hall wedding!  First, a fabulous feature on Grey Likes Weddings (which features beautiful wedding eye candy every single day & should so be on your bookmark bar) & now another feature on Classic Bride (one of my favorite daily reads for classic wedding styling & all things wedding related).  I die!  Anyway, check out Classic Bride to see a lot of different images from the Grey’s feature.  I still have a couple more favorites that I’ll share on here in a few days too . . .