Shooting with film

Like most photographers today, I converted to shooting on a digital camera & have come to love how much less “fuss” there is on the back end — no stinky darkroom chemicals, no waiting and waiting for an image to be produced, what used to take me 10 hours can now be done in 10 minutes. I also love how with virtually unlimited frames, you can really take risks with what you shoot & get candid/spontaneous moments in a way that’s just not possible when you have to reload every frame. Ahh, instant gratification . . . All that said, I have still always missed the images made on film. Digital has gotten really really close — I’d say about 99% there — but there’s still just something about a shot made on film. I recently lucked into a stash of old film cameras my Dad had hiding up in his attic (he was quite into photography in his day & introduced me to all the greats when I was growing up — we’d spend days looking at images by Bresson, Diane Arbus, Dorthea Lange, & Friedlander, so it shouldn’t have surprised me that there was a treasure trove of cameras to be had). I googled them & found that one of them was a Minolta that later became the Leica film camera that is oh-so-popular among photographers & decided to take it out for a spin on my most recent shoot. The old film didn’t disappoint — still beautiful images & I’m sure I’ll start bringing it along with me on shoots. I am cheating a little bit by getting digital images made so I can still do the after-processing in photoshop & make the images available online to my clients. Old meets new, I suppose. Anyway, enough of my yammering – here’s a few of my film shots:


I’ll be seeing you in all the old familiar places

I just love this song & it inspired this incredibly fun engagement shoot. The couple went to grad school at UC Davis (the groom-to-be is a PhD candidate in their economics department & the bride-to-be went to law school there) & they got engaged at by the pond at the arboretum on campus, so we started the shoot there. From there, we went to their “old familiar places” — the library, the “Murder Burger” (a landmark in Davis), and a field out by their house where they frequently bike on sunny weekends. I also love that her ring was the groom’s Mom’s — we shot it on top of a photo from his Mom & Dad’s wedding. So much fun!

Elle does Weddings

I’m so excited to share this beautiful wedding we shot in the Napa Valley. The ceremony took place at the Avia Hotel in Downtown Napa & the reception was at a private winery. The guest list was small & everyone there clearly knew the couple well & loved them. The day was perfect — gorgeous warm weather, lots of love & a dream to shoot. Hope you enjoy the pics!

In celebration of girlfriends

One of my favorite parts of photographing weddings is just watching people love each other all day long. It’s like one big awesome hallmark/phone company commercial. One piece that’s not commented on so much is seeing the real special bond between girlfriends. At the risk of sounding totally sappy, I think it’s just so cool to see the real bonds of friendship that are so strong at weddings — it’s sweet seeing girlfriends making sure that everything goes right for the bride & checking in & just generally being happy & excited. Here are a few of my favorite candid “girlfriend moments”: