Sneak preview

We’ve been busy here at Elle Photography shooting summer weddings . . . Here’s a sneak preview from a gorgeous one we did at Ralston Hall in Belmont, CA. I love this shot — totally spontaneous. The ceremony just happened, we did a few family shots & the bride and groom had their first post-married moment alone. More to come soon!


Golden Gate Park – eSESSION

Golden Gate Park is one of my favorite places to shoot — you just never know what you’re going to find there on any given day.  During this e-session with another darling couple (Elle has the best clients!), we ran into balloons (my favorite!), wild geese, and a friendly rowboat operator who let us pose for a few minutes.  Here are some favorites:

Day at the bridal salon . . .

One of Elle’s good friend’s is getting married, so we spent the day at Glamour Closet’s San Francisco location — they had a lovely selection of very discounted designer gowns in sample sizes & it was a low-pressure, fun place to be girly for the day.  No shots of my friend (she hasn’t decided what she’s wearing yet & wants the whole look to be a surprise), this is just a sense of the ambiance & day of girly-ness: