Weekend again, yay.

It’s well known in my household that I love to run in Golden Gate Park and Stowe Lake is my favorite spot — I snapped this on my iphone when the light was so pretty.  We’re getting close to October, which I think is the most gorgeous light of the whole year.  We’ve got a ton of shoots lined up and I cannot wait.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone — here’s this week’s links:
*Stereotypes of San Francisco make me laugh & this site does a brilliant job of it.
*A friend was recently raving about her trip to the San Juan islands, and this pretty shoot makes me want to go there — it’s now at the top of my “easy travel in the USA list”
*Just look at this and try not to smile.
*I just adore a pretty menu.
*Yep, it is cray-cray, but I still watch it. (I have a very hard time giving up shows once I get hooked, even after shark jumping.)
*I really kind of want this cardigan for fall, there’s something so 70s perfect about it.
*Pretty new store & giveaway on Note to Self.
*I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I love the pop-up dinner party idea & really want to be invited to one, so friends, get on it!
*Diana through the years – I just love the 1997 Vanity Fair cover.

Getting crafty with glitter, glue & crepe paper

That I am a pinterest addict is well documented around these parts.  So when I was tasked with “making a little something special” for a friend’s baby shower, I took to the internets and found this awesome crepe paper flower tutorial through my favorite addiction & thought I’d give this project a try.  Please click through to that link for full instructions.


In short, you need card stock for the backing, crepe paper for the flower petals (this stuff goes a long way people, I had no idea, but one roll is about 80 feet, and you can get about 1 flower a foot, maybe slightly less), glitter, glue (I found this cool glitter glue by Crayola but any old glue will do) & buttons.  I took out a  paper plate and made a pile of glitter and a pile of glue.  I started by making the glitter buttons (basically put some glue on top of the button & smooshed it into the glitter pile) & let those dry.  Then I cut out circle backings for the flowers (not too perfect & about an inch & a half all around).  Then I made the petals out of crepe paper and started to assemble the flowers.  To do that, I first dredged the edges of the paper in a little glue & dipped it into the glitter.  I also put a glob of glue on the backing to give the petals something to really stick to.  I did 2 layers of petals, and once those were on there, I put a big old glop of glitter glue in the middle and stuck the button in there.  Finally, I put a square of mounting tape on the back so that these can be stuck to a lapel or a dress as a boutonniere.


They are far from perfect on close inspection, but from a not-too-far away place, they are really quite lovely, if I do say so myself.   It took me about an hour to make 10 flowers, but it got a lot faster once I got going.  I normally don’t post my crafting projects on here, but I thought this one was especially cool, and could be a really easy way to add a little DIY flavor to a wedding.  I could totally see this looking really cool for groomsmen for something a little different, or if you really had some time on your hands, I love nothing more than a whole bunch of coordinated guests & these could double as a favor/something for everyone to wear.


Overall, I’d rate this project as follows:

-Degree of difficulty: 0 (this was super easy to make look really good)

-Time consuming: 7 (it’s kind of on par with decorating sugar cookies, not fast but not prohibitive)

-Wow factor:  10 (just my opinion, of course!)


Here’s some shots of how mine turned out:

Some more!

Hopefully y’all saw Mike & Taures’ wedding on Style Me Pretty – California yesterday!  We were so happy to see their wonderful wedding up there on the big screen & thought you might want to see a little bit more.  Without further ado, here you go: