What should I wear to my engagement shoot?

This is the most frequently asked question we get & probably the one most on your mind when you’re thinking about getting ready to have your picture taken.  There are a lot of different approaches to this & I just offer my thoughts:

  • Most importantly, choose an outfit that makes you feel good & fits well.  Don’t worry about looking “timeless” because there really isn’t any such thing (a few years down the road, everything will look “dated” to some degree, you can’t help it, we live in an era & that’s part of the fun too). 
  • Show your personal style!  If you have a favorite jacket, dress, accessory that’s “just so you” – wear it.  (Think your motorcycle jacket, your favorite pair of red high heels, that necklace you’re always wearing).
  • Choose colors that you look good in or that are flattering to your coloring – if every time you wear a certain color, you’re complimented or feel great, by all means, choose that color.  Think about ways to have a “pop” of color in your outfit – think about wearing a jewel toned blouse w/ jeans; a bright scarf in red/yellow/purples/greens; colored shoes; or a necklace w/ colored stones or beads.  This can look great against a city backdrop and adds a touch of playfulness to your shots.
  • On black & white pictures — don’t worry about black & white pics when choosing outfits – with digital film, we can make anything look great in black & white when we edit.
  • Options/Options/Options — plan to bring a couple of options with you to get a few different looks — some suggestions are a coat or jacket that you can remove; for women, bring some different accessories like scarves, necklaces or earrings to change the look of your outfit.
  • Couples:   don’t worry about matching outfits unless you’d like to, but do try to coordinate so that you’re not wearing colors that clash.  Show your style.  It’s okay if he’s a jeans/t-shirt guy & she’s a little bit fancy in heels all the time.  Juxtapositions are great.  Think about going high/low for your shoot — bring a dress and great heels (for women) & a sportcoat/something dashing (for men) and also toss in some jeans & button downs for a casual change of pace. 
  • Ladies, don’t forget about hair, makeup & nails — while it’s not necessary to have these things done professionally, getting that touch-up on your cut/color, etc. within a few weeks of your shoot & a fresh mani-pedi is a good idea.  If you live near a Sephora, they’re wonderful about giving free makeovers if you just pop in & a little professional makeup applicaton can work wonders on film.