Stage 1 (& Stage 4!) – As you grow

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYAs promised, here’s some from this lovely family photo shoot, that’s Stage 1 for the little twin boys, and stage 4 (or at least the 4th photo shoot I’ve done of their older sister).  I cannot say enough how cool it is to be asked back to continue to document their lives.  (Plus, aren’t they just the cutest people ever?!)



The other side of the lens . . .


Every so often it occurs to me that I should update my own headshots and keep the “brand” fresh (did you just throw up a little?  I kind of did typing that).  However, getting my own picture taken usually feels like a monumental task and I completely relate to that oft-referred to cobbler who’s kids have no shoes.  This past weekend, I manged.  My photography partner Bill (who, as many of you know, shoots weddings with me), took these photos, and while I am my harshest critic, I think he did a good job (and he had to put up with my directing him every other second.  When I finally stopped doing that, he took some of my favorite shots).  So, if you start clicking around the blog, the web, and my social media sites in the next few months, you’ll notice some updated shots.  I’m also glad I do this every so often – it’s a good reminder for me of what it feels like to be the subject of a shoot.  It’s not so easy.  Kudos to all my lovely clients who let me take your pictures.

Boys to Men

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYI just love these teenage guys – they’re two brothers who are just about the nicest people you could meet (& they’re pretty cool and good-looking too).  They’re almost done with high school, and let their Mom have their photos taken for Mother’s Day (sweet, right?).

Sneak Peek at my shoot with Sarah Darcy, aka the Classic Bride!


I am pleased to report that I had the most awesome time ever doing a photo shoot with Sarah Darcy, the creator and editor of one of my favorite wedding blogs – Classic Bride (if you’re wedding planning, I love her unfussy, yet completely elegant style – this is one that provides inspiration that’s approachable and timeless).  Through this funny little wedding business, we’ve gotten to know each other over email, but meeting her in person was so fantastic.  She is sweet, funny, darling, everything I expected and more.  We had a great time doing a little shoot with her and one of her best girlfriends while she was visiting SF.  This is just a teaser shot – more to come!

& another portrait session

This one barely counts as I shot it on my pocket camera (after a couple of recent events where I have been kicking myself for leaving the SLR at home, I will not be doing this again), but my lovely friend asked me to take a few shots so she had a recent photo for facebook and the like.  I obliged (happily) & caught a sweet shot of her dog too.

More Portraits!

Here’s a few shots I was lucky enough to take of the absolutely as stunning as she is sweet and lovely, Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls.  All of my brides-and-grooms to be, you really must check out her work — she does amazing, modern calligraphy that is *to* *die* for.  She can add that perfect touch of modern romance to your events with her perfect script.  I cannot gush about her enough.  If you want to learn how she does it, she teaches a really fun class teaching the basics at the Makeshift Society that I highly recommend.  Okay, enough talking, here’s the pics . . .

Shhh – I’ve been keeping a little secret!

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 10.16.14 PM

I’ve been doing a lot more portrait work lately & I love it!  As those of you who came here from my website know, portraits have always been a main part of the work that I do, but it’s usually in context with other people.  A bride and her groom, a family shoot, etc.  I started my business because I love capturing expressions and people at their core in a beautiful way, and I have been loving doing that on an individual basis lately.  These are just a few shots of some recent work – more to come . . .