The other side of the lens . . .


Every so often it occurs to me that I should update my own headshots and keep the “brand” fresh (did you just throw up a little?  I kind of did typing that).  However, getting my own picture taken usually feels like a monumental task and I completely relate to that oft-referred to cobbler who’s kids have no shoes.  This past weekend, I manged.  My photography partner Bill (who, as many of you know, shoots weddings with me), took these photos, and while I am my harshest critic, I think he did a good job (and he had to put up with my directing him every other second.  When I finally stopped doing that, he took some of my favorite shots).  So, if you start clicking around the blog, the web, and my social media sites in the next few months, you’ll notice some updated shots.  I’m also glad I do this every so often – it’s a good reminder for me of what it feels like to be the subject of a shoot.  It’s not so easy.  Kudos to all my lovely clients who let me take your pictures.


Family weddings

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYAs I mentioned on Friday, my sweet, gorgeous cousin got married over the weekend & I couldn’t resist sharing a couple of snapshots as her day was absolutely picture perfect.  She got married in the backyard to the most lovely man, and we all got to play dress-up and attend a wonderful party.  Since I am normally in some version of a black dress & flats at weddings, I took the opportunity to get a little glammed up (Gabriela at Bella Bridal put me together and was just a delight to work with).  My cousin is better at taking selfies than I am, so I have to confess, she shot the image in the lower left corner of the two of us (how’s that for making a bride work on her wedding day?!).  Hope you all had a great weekend.

Here’s what I’m up to . . .


I’m so excited!  In a couple of week I get to meet one of my all.time.most.favorite.bloggers ever & & & I get to take her picture!!!  That’s right, Sarah Darcy, the editor of Classic Bride is coming to town.  We’re going to dinner, but first we’ll be doing a portrait session with one of her best girlfriends too.  I am so looking forward to seeing how this all comes together.  To plan, we’re all pinning ideas on this Pinterest board  – check it out!!

Some Seattle Love



I thought it was about time I shared my favorite Seattle places with y’all.  I just love Seattle.  It feels a lot like San Francisco with a slight touch of being a little more ahead of the trends in some ways.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I always feel a little cooler when I come back from there.  Should you find yourself headed to the Northwest, I highly recommend checking out the following:
* Sitka & Spruce – my favorite restaurant period.  In all the land.  It’s in the Melrose Building, which has a few other cute little spots to check out (florists, cheese shop, meat shop) & is just delicious, delightful food.  It’s very fresh, very farmers market.  A bit Alice Waters 2.0.
* Bar Ferd’nand – this cute little wine bar is in the same space as Sitka & Spruce and is the perfect spot for a pre-dinner drink.
* Oddfellows Cafe – this is the most perfect bookstore-adjacent cafe in all the land.  Seriously.  I would move into this place if I could.  Light, airy spot with delicious reasonable food, not too crowded but definitely alive.  I wish this was in San Francisco.
* Elliott Bay Book Company – years ago when I went to Seattle for the first time, this bookstore was located in Pioneer Square and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  It’s relocated to Capitol Hill, right next to Oddfellows Cafe, and is still pretty close to the most perfect bookstore ever.  I hear there’s one I might like better in Portland, so I am reserving final judgment, but this is pretty awesome if you love bookstores, like me.
* Boat Street Cafe – another delicious place to eat.  It’s the spot with the charming upsidedown umbrellas pictured above.  After you go to Sitka & Spruce, have dinner here the next night.  It’s another classic, Northwest spot and is warm and charming.

From this list, it appears that mostly, I ate and read books in Seattle.  Not too shappy, IMHO.

Throwing parties & baking cupcakes . . .


For Bill’s birthday, we had a few of his friends over for cake and champagne.  (Well, truth be told, cupcakes and cava, but same difference.)  I baked up my favorites – Duncan Heines out of a box, doctored up with a little lemon zest for authenticity.  I also made the little cake toppers using a photo of Bill as a kid (he was on the front page of his hometown paper doing a painting project – so apropos, right?) turned into little stickers via Shutterfly & stuck onto lolipop sticks.  I am a huge fan of incorporating photos into party decorations (go figure).

The girlies


I got to hang out with my super cute nieces Riley (the blonde imp) and Avery (with the slightly darker curls) over the weekend.  I had to snap a few iphone shots of these cuties & I couldn’t get over it, they are only 1 & after I took pics, they came over and wanted to see them, and swiped through the camera roll.  These shots are from their edit (I took major giggles to mean “I like that one”).