Pretty bridesmaids gifts if you’re all getting ready together

You have to appreciate the irony of my posting about saving money yesterday & then posting today about a very pretty, but not totally budget friendly gift for bridesmaids (these range from $65 to $70 each).  Actually, I have no idea what an appropriate amount is considered for bridesmaids gifts or if people still do these.  If you do, or if you have the budget and all your girls are getting ready together, I love the idea of everyone coordinating in these pretty robes from Plum Pretty Sugar.  I think they’d make for some very pretty getting ready pics.  And you know I’m all about the pics so of course, this makes the list.  They also strike me as the kind of thing the girls would really use after the wedding & that makes for a good gift in my book.  Oh, and if you just want a pretty robe to get ready in, I’d definitely pick up one of these (after all, who says you have to share?).


Attending a wedding or want to have really hip looks for your bridesmaids?

Because Elle is on a continual quest to help brides make fun fashion choices for their wedding parties & because it can just be hard sometimes to find something to wear when you’re a wedding guest, I thought I’d share this latest discovery — — it’s a site that sells the most adorable dresses by indie designers.  Best part?  They’re reasonable too.  Here are some of my favorites that would look great on bridesmaids or guests:

Lets hear it for the boys!

Preston Nesbit is quite possibly the best hair & makeup stylist in San Francisco — ladies if you don’t know Preston, book immediately before he becomes too famous.  He writes a great blog about hair & makeup called “i am a glamorous boy.” In a recent post, he’s shared his tips and tricks for helping men look their best when being photographed.  Without further ado, here’s a link to Preston’s post . . . because sometimes the boys need a little help too.