My awesomely fun shoot with Sarah Darcy is live on Classic Bride!


Okay, you guys need to immediately head over to Classic Bride right now, right this second, to see the really fun shoot we did at the Presidio Social Club.  I adored finally getting to finally meet Sarah in person & I cannot gush enough – she is as nice as she is stylish and gorgeous.  But go look at the pics and see for yourself.


Mark your calendars for Bill’s Art Show!

I think most of you know that Bill Hipps and I shoot all of eLLe weddings together.  I think a lot of you also know that Bill’s a painter as well as a photographer.  You might not know, however, that he’s having an art show next weekend as part of Art Span’s SF Open Studios.  He’ll be showing from 11 to 6 on Saturday, October 19th and Sunday, October 20th at the Veterans Media Center at 1720 Market Street in San Francisco.  If you get a chance, pop by!  It’s a fun weekend with a lot of artists showing off their stuff.  You might just find an undiscovered gem or two.

The kids today have all the coolest toys

san francisco wedding photography


One of my very most favorite things about being based in the Bay Area is the whole influx of Silicon Valley everywhere.  I just love how “on trend” everyone is and how apps and companies that make your life better are constantly being invented here.  I thought it was particularly cool that there’s a wedding app out there that functions like a private instagram site called “Wedding Party” — a couple can set up an account where their friends and family can post photos they take during the wedding festivities.  This might drive some photographers nuts, but I think it’s pretty cool — there’s definitely a place in your life for photos your friends take & I thought this was a great way to actually get those shots (unlike developing those sad little disposable cameras that were everywhere in the 80s).  Worth checking out, my friends getting married.

Royal Wedding

Ah Kate & Wills are getting married today. I remember waking up early early early as a kid to watch Princess Di. Since I suspect pics of the new royal darlings & perhaps Charles & Di will be all the rage today, I thought I’d post a pic of Grace Kelly — my personal favorite princess. I think this would be a gorgeous look today. She is so very pretty, I think.

eLLe’s partner’s art on display

As some of you know, Elle regularly shoots events and weddings with Bill Hipps, a San Francisco artist & photographer.  Right now, he has some of his superb abstract paintings on display at the hip new wine bar — Black Sheep — on Polk St. (at Pacific) in San Francisco.  Y’all should check it out — great art, great space, nice bartenders/owners!  Here’s a sample of some of Bill’s work:

eLLe does EVENTS . . .

I have the best job in the world — I get to go to weddings, parties & special events & take pictures — it’s fantastic.  This weekend was no exception — I shot a fabulous birthday party where the theme was “80s” & the guests came decked out in full-on 80s gear.  The host dressed up like Billy Idol & serenaded his wife (the birthday girl).  They  rented out the Red Devil Lounge & hired the *fabulous* & locally famous, cover band Tainted Love to play for everyone — needless to say, it was a blast.  Here are some fun shots from the night:

Go fight, win tonight, boogie down, all-right all-right

Now I just love music that makes you want to get up & dance, and one of my favorite parts of weddings is watching guests get their groove on to a great DJ or band.  I’m loving that lately I’m hearing Bollywood-style soundtrack tunes in addition to the “old standards.”  I just fell in love with this new tune by Sia — an Australian pop singer that will make you want to get up & dance.  Take a listen to “Clap your Hands,” Elle wouldn’t object at all to hearing this in a dance mix . . .