They grow up so fast


Because I am a ridiculously proud & doting auntie, I just had to share these recent snapshots of my little twin nieces that I took on a family trip to San Diego.  We took the kiddos to a park that had tons of pretty flowers and they just went bananas.  Apparently, they aren’t usually allowed to climb on benches so the two lower right shots were big, subservise fun for those girls.  They are too darn cute if I do say so myself.

Cavallo Point – Family Shoot

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY/Laura Monfredini

Every year I usually donate a photography package to be auctioned off for a worthy cause.  This year I donated to the Bay Area United Way & this lovely family was the winning bidder.  We went to Cavallo Point (one of my favorite places to capture both the Golden Gate Bridge and totally natural backgrounds) to do the shoot & their little girl just stole the show.  These are just a few of my favorite shots — this family clearly loves being together because they were all smiles all morning long.  I love doing something for a good cause and meeting awesome people.

Happy Friday!


Apologies for the lack of posting this week, kids.  I don’t what happened.  One second it was Monday and the next it was Friday.  I have been reading the interwebs for you & hopefully you’ll enjoy this little collection of randomness:
* It scares me that my reaction to this collection of things you’ll have to explain to your kids one day was “no way, impossible” — I think that’s a sign of advanced age.
* I’m a fan of boutique hotels, but I’m not sure this pop-up hotel would be for me, but it’s definitely interesting and perhaps a trend slightly ahead of it’s time?
* A round-up of wartime kiss photos via A Cup of Jo.  Just click.  Eisenstaedt + Grand Central = perfection.
* Did you know Elsa Peretti (of Tiffany’s fame) is a real person?  I didn’t.  I just thought of her as a bean earring.  (PS – this blog Habitually Chic is pretty cool too – a new bookmark/find of mine).
*Design Sponge published a great, comprehensive guide to SF (in case you have visitors or need some new ideas).
* This story is rad – this woman found an old telegram and tracked down the backstory.  You must read it.  And follow the instructions on the link – e.g. don’t jump to the end.
* Check out how SF has changed since Hitchcock filmed Vertigo here (I have a soft spot for this movie, among many others by Hitch, because my first SF apartment had the same view as Scottie.
* Another example (but v. well done) of the wonders of hair and makeup.

That’s all for now.  Oh, if you’re wondering – the photo today is from a lovely family shoot we did recently.  I’ll post more from that soon.  Have a wonderful two days off.

More twins!

Apologies for dropping off the face of the earth there last week, faithful readers! (Seriously, I am so happy that you guys click on my blog & “like” it too, it always makes my day.)  I don’t know where the week went and I was even saving links for Friday that will have to hold over to this week.  Just thought I’d share a little preview of a recent family shoot — you may recall these guys, I’ve been taking pics of their family since their kids were quite small & now the twins are almost 7!  Time just flies & I have a soft spot for twins.