Sneak preview – e-shoot

Just a little sneak preview from an awesome e-shoot we did last weekend.  As usual, just love this couple — he’s into classic cars & I loved that we just happened upon a couple walking about town.  Total serendipity.


Jcrewing for a photo shoot . . .

Every so often I come across an outfit that strikes me as perfect for a photo shoot — I love this “color blocked” dress from J-Crew (although I don’t like the term “color blocked” as it makes me flash back to some pretty hideous looks from the 80s).  It’s got a cute pop of color in the skirt, nice slimming dark top & looks like it would be comfortable too, which is really important (you don’t want to feel like you’ve got to suck it all in the whole time).  Just passing things on to y’all.  (I might style this a little bit differently, too — personally, I prefer high heels & would think about doing  a cute pair of nude peep toes instead of flats).

black & whites

Hopefully y’all got a chance to check out this e-session we did over on Classic Bride.  I loved the colors in this shoot — bright pinks, pale pinks, crossed with some reds and blues.  I have always been a fan of color photography and I think you can really set a mood by doing color right.  That said, I also just adore black and white photos.  There’s something so amazingly timeless about them.  I thought you might want to see some black & whites from Fizz and Chris’ shoot — it’s the same loving, happy couple, but a different feeling to the shots I think.

Cliff House e-sesh

Okay, can’t help myself with these sneak previews — here’s one from another recent e-shoot at the Cliff House.  If you’ve been with me on this blog for a while, you’ll know that it is one of my most favorite places in San Francisco.  I just love the deco lettering on the building, the proximity to the beach & the really cool history behind the place (far too detailed to get into here, but google it for an interesting read).  Anyway, without further chatter, here’s a sneak preview of an e-shoot at the Cliff House.

It is e-shoot season

& we have been busy taking pics.  Here’s a sneak preview from a gorgeous shoot we did recently on Tank Hill (which is an awesome little spot in San Francisco I just discovered courtesy of these two — it’s just where they happen to walk their dog — I could not love living here any more).  As usual, I’m just in love with this couple — their smiles just lit up the room and they are clearly smitten with each other.  It makes my heart so very happy to see.  Everyone would be lucky to have this kind of love in their life.  I can’t wait for their wedding!

Russian Hill e-Shoot

So as promised, here’s a few more pics from the Russian Hill e-shoot.  I really love shooting where my clients live.  There’s just something so amazingly personal about having a little slice of their life popping up in the background like another character in the story.  It doesn’t hurt that San Francisco has so many amazing locations either.

Shoots with balloons

It is no secret that I love balloons & often incorporate them into my shoots.  Just thought I’d share a few extras from our recent e-shoot with Steph & Clay with those famous balloons.  We would have taken more, but alas, we all let go of them for a few moments & they flew up a flag pole & we couldn’t get them down.  Oh well, at least we had a few fun pics!