When I was a kid, I never really got “fan-dom” — I didn’t have posters of the Corey’s on my wall or in my locker at school.  My how things have changed as I can officially say I have been a gushing Domino Magazine fan since they first came out.  It is the only publication that I dropped everything to read the second it came in the mail. I was crushed when it shuttered, and I am so happy that there is a glimmer of hope that it may come back due to their starting to publish special editions (maybe the powers that be have seen the success of Pinterest and are realizing that there’s an untapped market here).  Anyway, since it came back, I have been trotting to newsstands all over San Francisco trying to get my hands on a copy & I finally did.  I also picked up an extra one and decided to do a little give-away.  If I can make another Domino fan happy, that will make my day.  So here are the rules:

One copy of the current Domino Magazine “Quick Fixes” is up for grabs.  To enter, you’ll need to “like” eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY on Facebook (link at the right and here and if you already do, just leave a comment here) AND leave a comment on this post (be sure to leave some kind of identifying info so I can let you know you won).  I’ll select a winner at random on May 19th.  Good Luck!

What I’m liking right now

I think there needs to be a recovery program for pinterest addicts like me.  Seriously.  I need to go to sleep at night & stay up to all hours looking at pretty images.  Here’s what I’m looking at right now — seems I’m in a moody pink and cool green with a bit of rain kind of mood.  Feeling very early January.  Oh, if you want to know what I’m into this very second, follow me on pinterest!
(images via dustjacket attic, pretty stuff, note to self and bhipp – links on the right in my blog roll)

Hopper Stamp!

How cool is this? The US Post Office has issued a “forever” stamp of one of my favorite Hopper paintings done on Cape Cod outside Provincetown. I just adore P-town — Bill & I took an amazing vacation there a few years ago & as a kid, I was on the dorkier side & I collected stamps. My grandfather used to send me pretty stamps in a letter every week — I may have to order some of these to keep his memory alive. I love when public entities get artsy, I really do.