Weekend Links!

Happy Weekend, everyone!  Does any more need to be said?  Here’s my weekly perusing of the internets that I thought were share-worthy:

*Awesome give-away of seriously cute earrings on Classic Bride
*If you’re in the mood for a little cry this weekend, get out your tissues and read this obit.
*Controversy!  Are prints off of google street view art?  Are they photography?
*If you’re in New York, go see Rineke Dijkstra at the Guggenheim – I saw this show at the SFMOMA and it is fantastic – haunting and real.
*If you’re honeymoon planning (or just trip planning in general), I thought this article on foreign hotel brands was potentially useful — I find booking foreign hotels with confidence to be one of the hardest parts of foreign travel.
*Judy Blume is a real person!  And she’ll be at the Castro Theater today screening Tiger Eyes at 4pm.  Hurry!  There’s still time to make it.  (Don’t know about tickets though . . .)

Have a good one .  . .

Getting crafty with glitter, glue & crepe paper

That I am a pinterest addict is well documented around these parts.  So when I was tasked with “making a little something special” for a friend’s baby shower, I took to the internets and found this awesome crepe paper flower tutorial through my favorite addiction & thought I’d give this project a try.  Please click through to that link for full instructions.


In short, you need card stock for the backing, crepe paper for the flower petals (this stuff goes a long way people, I had no idea, but one roll is about 80 feet, and you can get about 1 flower a foot, maybe slightly less), glitter, glue (I found this cool glitter glue by Crayola but any old glue will do) & buttons.  I took out a  paper plate and made a pile of glitter and a pile of glue.  I started by making the glitter buttons (basically put some glue on top of the button & smooshed it into the glitter pile) & let those dry.  Then I cut out circle backings for the flowers (not too perfect & about an inch & a half all around).  Then I made the petals out of crepe paper and started to assemble the flowers.  To do that, I first dredged the edges of the paper in a little glue & dipped it into the glitter.  I also put a glob of glue on the backing to give the petals something to really stick to.  I did 2 layers of petals, and once those were on there, I put a big old glop of glitter glue in the middle and stuck the button in there.  Finally, I put a square of mounting tape on the back so that these can be stuck to a lapel or a dress as a boutonniere.


They are far from perfect on close inspection, but from a not-too-far away place, they are really quite lovely, if I do say so myself.   It took me about an hour to make 10 flowers, but it got a lot faster once I got going.  I normally don’t post my crafting projects on here, but I thought this one was especially cool, and could be a really easy way to add a little DIY flavor to a wedding.  I could totally see this looking really cool for groomsmen for something a little different, or if you really had some time on your hands, I love nothing more than a whole bunch of coordinated guests & these could double as a favor/something for everyone to wear.


Overall, I’d rate this project as follows:

-Degree of difficulty: 0 (this was super easy to make look really good)

-Time consuming: 7 (it’s kind of on par with decorating sugar cookies, not fast but not prohibitive)

-Wow factor:  10 (just my opinion, of course!)


Here’s some shots of how mine turned out:


When I was a kid, I never really got “fan-dom” — I didn’t have posters of the Corey’s on my wall or in my locker at school.  My how things have changed as I can officially say I have been a gushing Domino Magazine fan since they first came out.  It is the only publication that I dropped everything to read the second it came in the mail. I was crushed when it shuttered, and I am so happy that there is a glimmer of hope that it may come back due to their starting to publish special editions (maybe the powers that be have seen the success of Pinterest and are realizing that there’s an untapped market here).  Anyway, since it came back, I have been trotting to newsstands all over San Francisco trying to get my hands on a copy & I finally did.  I also picked up an extra one and decided to do a little give-away.  If I can make another Domino fan happy, that will make my day.  So here are the rules:

One copy of the current Domino Magazine “Quick Fixes” is up for grabs.  To enter, you’ll need to “like” eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY on Facebook (link at the right and here and if you already do, just leave a comment here) AND leave a comment on this post (be sure to leave some kind of identifying info so I can let you know you won).  I’ll select a winner at random on May 19th.  Good Luck!

What I’m liking right now

I think there needs to be a recovery program for pinterest addicts like me.  Seriously.  I need to go to sleep at night & stay up to all hours looking at pretty images.  Here’s what I’m looking at right now — seems I’m in a moody pink and cool green with a bit of rain kind of mood.  Feeling very early January.  Oh, if you want to know what I’m into this very second, follow me on pinterest!
(images via dustjacket attic, pretty stuff, note to self and bhipp – links on the right in my blog roll)