Behind the scenes

Thought I’d just post a few “extras” from the Bump Smitten feature . . . (I love extras, outtakes, behind the scenes kind of stuff, myself):


As the beans grow into sprouts . . .

This weekend, Elle did “step 3” of her “as you grow” package (you get pics at any 3 phases of life) for one of her favorite clients.   We did maternity shots, then newborn shots & now the baby is a year old already!  I can hardly believe it.  Here’s a sample of the “as you grow” concept & a sneak preview from their latest shoot:






















One year old:


Beyond Parker & Paisley?

The Daily Beast has published this list of creative baby names by Pamela Redmond Satran (I swear I think she used to be a columnist for Glamour Magazine way back when & now makes money selling books of lists . . . wish I thought of that) author of “Beyond Ava & Aiden.”  I rather like Ava & Aiden, but hey, for all you expecting mamas out there, here’s just something else to look at.  Who knows, you could discover the Emma of this generation . . .

(For what it’s worth, Elle loves the name Emma too.)

Baby on board

Elle is a huge fan of reality television.  Maybe she should keep that a dirty little secret . . . . But since it’s out there,  lately, one of Elle’s favorites has been the hilarious Bravo show “Bethenny Getting Married?” — it’s surprisingly poignant.  Of course, I became interested when in the last episode, Bethenny decided to do a maternity photo shoot (see, you had to know I’d turn this post around to photography sooner or later) & I thought it would be a good opportunity to remind y’all that Elle does maternity shoots too.  If you’re watching Bethenny, you may be thinking “the last thing I want to be is naked in a photograph while preggers.”  Don’t worry – you can do your shoot any way you like.  Elle has private studio space & also does a lot of maternity work outdoors too.  Contact Elle for details at