New York, New York (SoHo that is)

I recently went to New York for a very quick trip, and decided to just take a film camera and my iPhone as I only had a half day to myself.  My digital pics are all over on instagram (follow me there at @lauraphotographs – I know the “at at” is a tad redundant but what are you going to do) and I thought I’d share my favorite film photos.  These were all taken on a 35mm holga, which is a cheapo plastic camera that naturally makes those early instagram filter type images on film, right out of the camera but in a way you just can’t quite get with a digital camera, no matter how many filters you use.  There’s nothing like film kids.  There, I said it.  I love film and always will.  Digital is amazing for so many thing, not to mention it’s cheap and convenient, but a good film photo is perfection.



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