Some pretty darn big news, if I do say so myself. . .

You might have noticed I haven’t posted for a little while and perhaps you wondered what was up.  Well, I have some big news – I got married to the love of my life (you’d hope so right?).  His name is Mark and we eloped at San Francisco City Hall at the end of April.  There will be more to come – I’ll share some amazing photos from our engagement shoot/license day shoot with the fabulous Christina McNeill.  We decided to get our marriage license before the actual wedding to minimize waiting in line time on the actual day (after shooting a lot of weddings at City Hall, this seemed like the way to go if you’re in town and have time).  I also have many more shots I love from our actual day taken by the wonderful Cheshire Issacs (who took this photo of course, which is one of my favorites – I love shots coming out of City Hall).  Anna of Loop Flowers made my perfect bouquet and Mark’s boutonniere, Shana Astrachan of Fox and Doll did my hair and makeup, and I found my dress at Amy Kuschel.  Planning an elopement was pretty darn easy (we kept track of things on a post-it), and even easier was choosing vendors.  I have worked with so many great people, but these guys are all local, San Francisco standouts.  Even though we kept our day private, we still wanted it to feel special, and I cannot thank all of these wonderful folks enough for making that happen. xxoo -L


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