Drumroll . . . it’s weekend links again!

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYIt’s been ages since I’ve posted weekend links, so I thought I’d bring them back.  Truth be told, collecting the links is a little like going to the gym – it’s fun, it’s something I enjoy, but man, once you stop for a second it can be hard to start doing again.  Before I get to the links, a note on today’s photos – they’re just a few snapshots from a recent trip to Seattle.  I’m a creature of habit and I ended up going to all my favorite haunts up there, and I did add a new spot – Rock Creek restaurant.  It was so good, I ended up having brunch and dinner there.  Okay, enough chatter – onto the links:

*Unless you hate laughing, you have to read Emails From Janice.  You may recall that I was interviewed by Claire Suddath from Businessweek last year after I spent a weekend at a hippy retreat in the woods, and so I follow her on twitter, because, well I tend to stalk people like that.  It turns out that she writes really funny articles and she also has this hilarious tumbler documenting things her mom Janice says.  It’s hysterical.  You will laugh.  I promise.
* Luckily no one asks me for discs of unedited images, but this is a great article explaining why us photographer types won’t give you that.  Short version – the editing is as much of the process as taking the picture in the first place.
* Awesome two sentence horror stories.  Because Halloween.
* Previously unseen photos from JFK & Jackie’s wedding taken by their second shooter.
* Career advice from powerful women that doesn’t all suck, a round up.
* When I was a kid, I used to love sneak-reading “Can this marriage be saved” in Ladies Home Journal and this history behind the column is fascinating.
* I need to make this now that it’s getting cold again.
* Facts about SATC.  Because best show ever made.

Have a great weekend!





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