In Memory of Wal-Tah, the Cat

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYThe internet tells me it’s international cat day, and articles showcasing the mysterious lives of cats are making their way around my web feeds.  They all make me think of Walter (correctly pronounced Wal-Tah, when referring to Walter the cat), who was the sweetest cat who ever walked this planet.  Walter didn’t belong to me, he was my friend’s cat, but I adored him.  When she’d go on vacation, I’d babysit him, and we’d spend quality time together.  He liked to watch crummy television with me (he was really partial to the Real Housewives of Orange County), and he was also a gem about posing for photos from time to time.  In this one, he’s really got the “smize” down (he also liked Top Model a lot).  Sadly, Walter died a few years ago from heart problems, and I still miss the little guy.  He loved people, and he loved to curl up on your shoulder and keep you company.  I hope he’s off playing on a big farm somewhere.


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