(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYHave you seen Boyhood yet?  If not, it’s a fantastic film by Richard Linklater (of the “Before” trilogy and other movies, but the “Befores” being my favorites of all time).  He cast a little boy at 6 years old, and each year the cast got together to film pieces of their lives, which were then stitched together to tell the story of life.  It has the potential to be cloying, but it isn’t – it’s touching, funny, sweet, and overall something to see.  Do plan – it’s long (run time is around 3 hours), but worth your time.
(PS – can you tell I have fun making up my own movie posters?  This is from a family shoot I did a while back – I love that particular boy as I’ve been shooting him just about every year since he was just a baby bump.  My own personal Linklater-style project.  Appropriate, don’t you think?)


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