Weekend link time!

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYHappy Friday/Happy Weekend everyone!  Hope you’re up to something fun over the next couple of days.  Me, I’ll be taking photos (but what else is new . . .).  Here’s this week’s weekend link round-up, enjoy:
* My friends, The Podolls, were featured on Houzz (have you checked that site out?  Fantastic home decor ideas).
* The Olsen twins designed a pretty wedding dress (& Stevie Nicks was at this event too – must be nice to be friends with famous people).
* I totally want a cooler/blender/stereo – all in one.
* Classic Bride gives tips on how to bring in meaningful vintage details into your wedding (some of the photos in this article are by yours truly).
* I am a huge fan of the French Exit (Irish Goodbye, English Escape, etc.) – here’s a handy graphic to help figure out when it’s appropriate to use (hint:  at a big party, not so much at a small dinner where you could be thought to have been kidnapped, or something like that).
* Another graphic explaining how to dress in SF in the summer (hint:  it doesn’t involve shorts).
* Photos of the Paris club scene in the 80s are pretty cool.
* Just because it’s popular and in case you’ve been off the interwebs, here’s the trailer for 50 Shades of Grey, the movie.
* Tattoos:  not just for hipsters.


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