Are you visiting San Francisco? Would you like an alternative to Alcatraz?

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYWhenever people visit San Francisco and ask me for recommendation on places to go and things to do, I have a list I routinely send out.  On that list is a place called Sam’s in Tiburon.  Sam’s is a restaurant right on the pier where the Tiburon ferry docks.  It’s selling point is that is has a large deck overlooking the water and the SF Bay.  It’s always sunny and warm there, and it’s the perfect place to pass an afternoon.  Instead of riding one of the boats to Alcatraz (which is historically interesting), my suggestion would be to board a ferry to Tiburon and hang out at Sam’s instead.  The food is nothing to write home about, and the drinks aren’t creative (but they’re strong), but the atmosphere is perfect.  Just a little tip from me to you.



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