Happy weekend!


Happy weekend, everyone!  Just thought I’d share another favorite from last weekend’s wedding – this mother/daughter shot just makes me smile.  Hope you’re doing something fun in the next few days.  I’ll be doing phase 2 of an as-you-grow series and I cannot wait to see how much the little one changed.  As per usual, here’s the links that caught my eye this week:
* Change your password, change your life.
* The sutro baths, before they burned down.
* Who are the trendsetters today?
* Photo exhibit round-up.
* I love a funny card & a lot of these are hilarious.
* I completely agree that the CIA’s social media manager needs a raise.
* This apartment is gorgeous.  I’d die for the shoe closet.
* Literary love quotes.
* ICYMI, Fizz & Chris’ gorgeous engagement session  at the Cliff House was re-featured on Classic Bride this week (a must-bookmark website, btw).

Have a lovely weekend!


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