Party like it’s the weekend!


Happy weekend, friends!  Hope you have some lovely plans ahead of you for the next couple of days.  Just in case you’re spending a little time browsing the web, here’s a few links that caught my attention this week:
* Cooking tips from French Laundry chefs (there are some good ones in here).
* You all know I’m mad for striped shirts, I think, here’s another cute one worn by that Princess Kate (she seriously knows how to pick decent things to wear).
* How to tell how old someone is based on their name.
* This is true.
* This instagram account is hilarious (no, you did not eat that prop, we all know that, stop pretending).
* Pretty event space in NOLA.
* I’m not sure I totally get how this works, but apparently Uber is offering free weddings this Saturday?  Just posting in case the spirit moves someone who reads this.
* Pro tip – tulle skirts look amazing on film.  They may be the elusive garment that flatters a lot of people.  Here’s the thing – outfits that look really dramatic in real life look great on camera.  This is a prime example.  That said, tulle skirts are hard to find & this one looks like it hits all the right notes – three different lengths for different occasions.  Personally, I’d go for classic black – you can dress it up or down and feel like Audrey for a day (or a shoot).
* Life lesson – don’t joy ride cars you don’t know how to drive.  It’s not going to end well.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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