The other side of the lens . . .


Every so often it occurs to me that I should update my own headshots and keep the “brand” fresh (did you just throw up a little?  I kind of did typing that).  However, getting my own picture taken usually feels like a monumental task and I completely relate to that oft-referred to cobbler who’s kids have no shoes.  This past weekend, I manged.  My photography partner Bill (who, as many of you know, shoots weddings with me), took these photos, and while I am my harshest critic, I think he did a good job (and he had to put up with my directing him every other second.  When I finally stopped doing that, he took some of my favorite shots).  So, if you start clicking around the blog, the web, and my social media sites in the next few months, you’ll notice some updated shots.  I’m also glad I do this every so often – it’s a good reminder for me of what it feels like to be the subject of a shoot.  It’s not so easy.  Kudos to all my lovely clients who let me take your pictures.


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