Like sands through the hourglass, so go the weeks


Any Days of Our Lives fans out there?  I’m not sure I even qualify – I vaguely remember watching that soap in college, but I always loved the very dramatic overture.  It’s another weekend here and I feel like time is just racing by.

I hope you have fun plans.  I semi-started the weekend with a visit to the Tonga Room at the Fairmont Hotel (one of my favorite places in all the lands – they make it rain inside the Tiki-fabulous room & have an 80s cover band; what is not to love?!).  If you get a moment to relax after those fun plans, here’s the roundup of links from this week:

* In honor of the World Cup (which, I just had friends explain to me what it was all about because I do not really follow any of the sports), why do we call soccer, soccer?
* Are we in Narnia?!  This made me smile (I may be a tad obsessed with the way our weather makes the light here so fantastic.)
* The poor, now overused exclamation point.  Subject of so much literary derision.
* This new catering service sounds absolutely fantastic – it has me dying to throw a party.
* Secrets to a happy relationship.
* San Francisco city departments with hipster logos.  (I rather love all of these.)
* Some tips for cooking burgers.
* True Blood, the musical?!?!?!  Is it possible to combine two of my most favorite things, ever???
* No more flair?  Say it ain’t so.
* Freaks and Geeks – some backstory about one of the best shows ever.  (PS – I was so the “yearbook kid taking pictures of other students (the students pose by doing kick-lines, putting their arms around each other, standing and smiling stiffly, putting up finger horns behind their friends’ heads, punching each other, or simply looking like they really don’t want their pictures taken)”).
* I wouldn’t object to having photoshop in my instagram box of tools.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


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