Happy happy weekend!


(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYIn yoga, they’d call this a happy baby . . .
Which leads me into wishing you all a happy weekend.  I’ll be attending my cousin’s wedding up in Napa as a guest!  So exciting – I’m going to get gussied up and have the lovely ladies of Bella Bridal in St. Helena do up my hair and makeup.  Such a change from my normal wedding look, which involves clogs (they never promised being a photographer would be glamorous looking, unfortunately).  Hope you all have something fun planned.  Here’s some links for this week:
* The New York Times reminds us that people used to get married as teenagers.  Wow, I have really missed that boat & I’m glad times have changed . . .
* Good grief – the love locks bridge in Paris partially collapsed from the weight of the locks – I sense a tradition may be coming to an end. (Via Classic Bride)
* Feel like edging up your look?  Here’s some pretty temporary tattoos — all the hipness, none of the pain or life-long commitment.
* Some interesting, office-appropriate hair-dos & tutorials.
* If you want to do your hair up, you’ll need good bobby pins (I have learned this from every hair and makeup artist I’ve ever worked with) – these bobby pins are awesome (& you will never be able to use drug store ones again).
* Are you a Modern Family fan?  If so, I’m sure you’ll look at this and think “Mitch & Cam should have fought harder to stay in their fiery location – at least for photos“, or you might just like the pretty pictures if you’re not into the show.
* Oh growing up in the 70s – the good old days.  (Uphill, both ways, in the snow, no supervision ever.  Awesomeness.)
* I sincerely hope I can have this much fun if I’m ever stuck in an empty airport.  Slow clap for this guy.

I’m out for the week – have a good one!


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