Weekend again, yay!


Hi folks.  Sorry for the lack of posting this week, I don’t know where the time went.  Here’s a teaser from a gorgeous family shoot I did recently.  I’ll be doing more of that this weekend and hopefully relaxing a little too.  Here’s the collection of links for your reading pleasure:
*Excellent round-up of Bay Area day trips (although I’d prefer it if they didn’t advertise my favorite places to go so they stay quiet).
* Hipster decor trends (made me laugh).
* Continuing on the San Francisco theme, things you’ll never hear locals say.
* Apparently I was entirely SF focused this week, as here’s a round-up of new coffee shops (it does seem like there’s a new one every day).
* It’s true, museums do make people happier.
* But I agree, we should all stop worrying about being happy so much and get in touch with the rest of the feelings.
* Perhaps consuming superfoods would also help with good living; an illustrated guide.
* If you feel like cooking with some of them, this eggplant bake is fantastic.  I’ve posted it before, but was reminded this week how much I like it.

Happy Weekend!


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