Weekend time – links and lazy days off

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYIt’s Memorial Day weekend, so that means it’s the official start of summer and the return of foggy days and nights here in San Francisco.  I hope you have fun plans for the long weekend, and if you’re relaxing, here’s a few links to amuse you:
* When I lived in the south, I became quite fond of ice box desserts (lemon ice box pie in particular) and a strawberry one sounds delicious.  If I find myself with some hours of free time to tend to it, I may give this one a try.
* It’s the start of wedding season, so here’s a reminder from your friendly wedding photographer to please put your camera down during the ceremony – candids at the reception, great – go for it, but please let us do our jobs.
* They don’t drink much wine on Mad Men, do they?
* A little bit rambling, but overall a pretty awesome cover letter.  (I just love a clever approach, I do.)
* Have you ever wondered who picks the stamps for the USA?  I have.  (Nerd alert, I’m kind of obsessed with stamps and collected them as a kid.)  The link has the answer.
* I’ve caught little references to Prada Marfa here and there (I’ve seen it pop up on instagram (side side bar – don’t forget I’m @ellephotographs if you want to follow me) and on crummy Bravo television I can’t seem to turn off), but Classic Bride has answered all my questions about it.
* Amazing art in the sand (right here at Ocean Beach).
* Traveling this summer? Here’s a list of airports to avoid – I will confirm that Terminal 3 at Heathrow deserves its place on the list.
* I love striped shirts.  I own a million.  But here’s a cute source if you’re looking for some.
* I can’t wait for Magic in the Moonlight to come out — Paris in the 20s, Emma Stone & Colin Firth, gorgeous cinematography, and use of the word scoundrel (is that not seriously the best word ever?!), how can you go wrong?  The link takes you the trailer.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


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