Now I’m ordering you to run to the theater again.

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYIn my very demanding way, I am ordering you all to run to the movie theater to see “Finding Vivian Maier” while it’s playing.  That is, if you like interesting documentaries about semi-disturbed photographers, and are intrigued with the idea that you could find something amazingly valuable at a garage sale.  Vivian was a nanny who took a lot of pictures.  She never showed her work while she was alive, and hardly even printed most of it.  She was discovered after her death, and her work is stunningly beautiful and on par with the greats of street photography.  The documentary pieces together what little is known of her and her life through the people that she knew.  It’s compelling, and you’ll leave wanting to know more.  At least I did.  Run.  Now!  (told ya I can be demanding).



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