I’m back with an artist crush.

http://www.anothermag.com/current/view/3600/Annie_Kevans__Women_and_the_History_of_ArtOh my goodness I have neglected this blog a bit.  I have been so busy doing what I love – taking pictures and meeting amazing people.  I feel so lucky every single day that I get to do this.  I have kept up with my internet reading — have no fear — and I have been saving weekend links for ages now (although I’m wondering if they’re all old news at this point).  One article that caught my attention was this one about Annie Kevans, an artist who is honoring women in the history of art with stunning, beautiful portraits.  Beautiful pictures just speak to me – I love them in every form, whether it’s a photograph or a painting.  In college, my art teachers kept wanting us to make things that were ugly and I never understood that impulse and have refused to brand art only as things that are ugly.  For me, finding the beauty is finding art.  Click on the link to Annie’s work – I think you’ll find it beautiful too.




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