A quick closet makeover (or as close to DIY as I get)


I’ve been on an organizational tear lately – I’ve been purging and organizing and cleaning like it’s spring.  With that, I thought I’d share a little makeover I did of my hall closet.  During my purging, I found a roll of temporary wall paper that I had forgotten about and decided it might be fun to line the walls of my little hall closet with it.  Here’s the results – don’t look too close or you might see the bubbles, but for a background in a place no one’s going to look closely, I was pretty pleased with the end result.


4 thoughts on “A quick closet makeover (or as close to DIY as I get)

  1. Good that you are cleaning out your closets. Now you need to work on Mom’s closets. Btw, the wallpaper looks like it ought to be in a New Orleans whorehouse.

  2. This is the best exchange of all time!! PS- I might steal this idea (the wallpaper, not the organizing).

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