Weekend links! (finally.)


Happy weekend, everyone!  I’ve been a little delinquent in posting weekend links lately, but here you go:
* This is very National Geographic/awesome – a Lion and a baby Baboon.
* A tumblr devoted to striped shirts (oh my, in love).
* How to do a fishtail braid.  (Note, they are very “in” right now.)
* Age 0 to 14 in 4 minutes; I quite like time lapse projects – such dedication.
* Did you read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn?  I loved it (but I like creepy, suspsense stories a lot).  Anyway, it’s going to be a movie and it looks good – trailer here.
* Portraits of “cool” people.
* Good reasons to eat eggs (I have one almost every day for breakfast, so I’ll take the validation here.)

Have a great weekend!


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