Have a wonderful weekend . . .


I’ve often thought that the ability to sleep and nap is completely wasted on the young.  I will never understand not just taking a nap when you’ve got the chance, because those days are few and far between.  So, on that note, I wish you all some downtime this weekend, and maybe a few minutes to check out this week’s links:
* RIP Daily Candy (this makes me sad, I remember how fresh and cool this site was back in the day & I loved their illustrations).
* If the thought of losing precious closet space didn’t make me so hesitant, I’d love to convert one into a tiny little office.
* A cool Tango Video (this couple regularly choreographs for Dancing with the Stars (a show I am not into) and cooler, I went to high school with Parissa – she was just as elegant back then).
* A cute only-in-New-Orleans proposal story.
* I was skeptical, but this speed-reading app idea seems to really work.
* Some random facts (one of those buzzfeed lists though; don’t say I didn’t warn you.  I have a lot of friends named Jessica, so this one interested me).
* When I was a kid, we walked up hill both ways to school (a video – it did make me laugh).
* Here’s the trailer for the new season of Mad Men.  (Side note – do you follow January Jones on Twitter?  She posts the most gorgeous photos of the set.  Worth a look.)
* What 1M buys you in major cities; spoiler alert – not much in San Francisco.  Upside?  We get to live here.  No polar vortexes.
* There’s actually something to the 5-second rule.  Huh.  I think I’m still chicken.
* I love the look of this meal.  I want to go to there.
Have a great weekend, everyone!

PS – the pic for today is a little sneak of a sweet baby shoot featuring antique baby dresses I did recently (more next week) (apparently, babies in the days of yore, just lounged around looking all glamorous and stuff).


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