Party like it’s the weekend.


Happy happy weekend, everyone!  I don’t know about you, but the time change last weekend really zonked me out this week, and I am so happy it’s the end of the week and that there’s a chance of taking a nap in the next couple of days.  In case you’re relaxing and hanging about on the interwebs, here’s links for you:
* Dicing an onion tutorial.  I always forget which way to do the initial slice.  Good reminder.
* Makeup artist tricks.  Some of these were actually new to me (I’ve been reading stuff like this for-like-ever).
* I love the idea of mixing herbs into floral arrangements – so pretty and I bet it smells good too.
* Grammar mugs.  Love.
* This salad sounds amazing.
* In ridiculous hipster trend news.
* Look inside Sarah Jessica Parker’s house (it’s awesome) & listen to her cute interview.
* Tortoises getting it on.  This isn’t quite suitable for work, but it really made me laugh & hopefully you get a kick out of it too.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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